“Course work will be assigned with the assumption that students have access to a laptop computer.  Some instructors will require in-class use of laptops.” -official SOJC computer policy

The School of Journalism and Communication expects our students to have regular and reliable access to a laptop computer. Instructors will detail his or her technology expectations on the first day of class and/or in the class syllabus. Some instructors will require a laptop for the entire class or just part of the class. You may also have some instructors require that no laptops be present in class.

Desktop vs. laptop
We recommend a laptop. Our Instructional Technology Coordinator (a.k.a. our head tech dude) put it best, “Given the broad reach of the campus wireless network and the transient lifestyle of college students, (laptops) are a far better fit than a desktop computer.”

Mac vs. PC
The computers in the journalism school are primarily Apple computers (i.e. Macs) but our students are allowed to choose. What type of computer you have is less important than what your computer can do. In your early terms in the major, you will likely only need the basics: email, Internet and word processing. As you progress, you may need additional software such as the Adobe Creative Suite or the FinalCut Suite. We recommend you wait to purchase these until you’re sure you need them for the long term. For short-term usage (if you’re just going to use them for one or two class assignments), these programs are available on the computers in the journalism school labs.

Computer recommendation
Our tech folks have posted their recommendation for computer hardware and software. Check out the prices at the Digital Duck, the UO Duck Store’s computer store. They offer educational discounts. If you don’t want to purchase the computer there, take their price list back to your vendor and see if your vendor will meet or beat that price.