In the following links you will find resources that may help you find what you are looking for. Most of the links provided are non-SOJC links, and therefore their content is not controlled by the SOJC. Please be careful on what personal information you give on the internet.

Advertising Career Resources

ADC Global Awards and Club

Standard Rate & Data Service –

AAF: American Advertising Federation

Advertising Age

Direct Marketing Association

Portland Advertising Federation

Talent Zoo

American Association of Advertising Agencies is one of the main professional organizations for the advertising industry. The AAAA offers a job search site for those looking for positions at advertising agencies.

The AAAA offers a large page of links to advertising agencies. The links to those advertising agencies is searchable by state.

Below, you can find some selected readings on career search and planning topics. Keep in mind that many people have different opinions on these topics, so cultivate the information for your own edification. As always, consult your faculty advisers and contacts in the field for further insight.


Legal Parameters


Cover Letters & Resumes


Accepting Job Offers


General Career Resources