The Gateway to Media series immerses students in an online media environment, using new tools to build fundamental skills. Students will maintain a blog and add their research to that blog as critical aggregators. They will use the research that they report in the blog to develop multimedia reports, stories and arguments. Students will also step out of the digital world and into the physical with structured presentations of their arguments and stories to peers.

  • J205 Gateway to Media I (4 credits; must be taken concurrently with J206 Gateway to Media II)
  • J206 Gateway to Media II (4 credits; must be taken concurrently with J205 Gateway to Media I)
  • J207 Gateway to Media III (4 credits; must be taken immediately after J205/J206)

J205, J206 and J207 are part of the same series. Students MUST take J207 right after J205/J206. If they don’t, the series is incomplete and students will have to start the series all over again. Retaking J205 and J206 will result in a deduction of eight credits.

Students must be accepted as full majors in the school before they take Gateway to Media series. Full major requirements are:

  • J100 Media Professions (C or better)
  • J101 Grammar for Communicators (C or better)
  • J201 Media and Society (C or better)
  • WR 121 and either WR 122 or WR 123 (C-/P or better) [Clark Honors College students are exempt from the WR prerequisite.]
  • 2.90 or better UO GPA

Please note: At least 60 journalism credits are required. The premajor core (8 credits), Gateway to Media series (12 credits), Core Context requirement (16 credits) and Sequence courses (20 credits) add up to 56 credits. All students must complete four elective journalism credits.