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Thank you for your interest in our undergraduate program. The School of Journalism and Communication has a 100-year tradition of excellence in journalism education, and our alumni hold positions of leadership in the communication industries throughout the United States and abroad. We hope to see you follow in that tradition.

Students can pursue sequences of study in advertising, media studies, journalism (electronic media, magazine, news/editorial) and public relations. The school also offers an academic minor in media studies and participates in the Multimedia minor, the General Social Science major, the Cinema Studies major and the Cinema Studies certificate. 

Whether you will be starting as a freshman, transfer student or post-baccalaureate student, you must first be admitted to the University of Oregon. This happens through UO's Office of Admissions. Indicate on your application form that you want to major in journalism and communication, and admissions will accept you as a "pre-journalism" major. You do not need to send a separate application to the School of Journalism and Communication. As such, the school has no input on the application decision.

As a pre-journalism major, you will take some premajor courses here at UO before you formally apply to become a "full major" in one of the majors listed above.

If you have already been admitted to UO (congratulations!) with another major declared and haven't yet registered for your first term, you can still change your major before you attend orientation. Contact the Office of Admissions to do so.

If you are a current UO student who would like to add pre-journalism as a major, fill out a change of major form. Please note that you must have a UO GPA of 2.00 or better to add "pre-journalism" as a major.