We serve faculty, staff and students in the areas of reimbursements, purchasing, professional services contracts, travel, student payroll, receivables (revenue), leave reporting, budgeting, accounting and fiscal reporting.

Contact info:

Search pending – Business and Finance Manager
216B Allen Hall
The Business and Finance Manager handles budgeting, projecting, cash management, auditing, supervision of staff, reconciling, and reporting.

Josh Buetow – Fiscal Coordinator
541-346-3806 | jbuetow@uoregon.edu | 216A Allen Hall
Josh handles budgeting, cash management, auditing, reconciling, reporting, scholarships, and fund transfers.

Brian Conley – Accounting Technician
541-346-3685 | bconley@uoregon.edu | 216A Allen Hall
Brian handles reimbursements, travel reimbursements, vendor payments, student payroll, and deposits/revenue.

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Leave reporting:

  • In order to find your leave reports, log into the Flash.sys server, choose Admin, choose Leave Reports, and you’ll see a list of leave report files ordered by name.

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