2016 AEJMC Conference (Minneapolis)

Papers Accepted:

Nicole Dahmen and Jesse Abdenour
The Contextualist Function: U.S. Newspaper Journalists Value Social Responsibility*

Jenny Tatone, Alec Tefertiller, and Tiffany Gallicano
I Love Tweeting in Class, But … A Mixed-Method Study of Student Perceptions of the Impact of Twitter in Large Lecture Classes*

Esi Thompson
Public Relations Education in an Emerging Democracy: The Case of Ghana

Nicole Dahmen and David Morris II
Picturing Horror: Visual Framing in Newspaper Coverage of Three Mass School Shootings

Troy Elias
Exploring Flaming, Message Valence, and Strength of Organizational Identity

John Russial
“Two Cheers for Doing It All”: Skills and Reporting Jobs

Daniel Morrison, Nicole Dahmen, and David Morris II
Newspaper Front Page Photographs: Effects of Image Consumption in Digital Versus Print News Format

Kyle McDaniel
The Aesthetics of Historiophoty: Ken Burns and the Origins of Visual Effects in the Historical Documentary

Jenny Dean
A Case Study Examining How Reporters Deal with the Challenges of the Economy and Technology

Nicole Dahmen and Daniel Morrison
The (In)disputable “Power” of Images of Outrage: Public Acknowledgement, Emotional Reaction, and Image Recognition

Erin Willis and David Morris II
Talkin’ Smack: An Analysis of News Coverage of the Heroin Epidemic

Yunjuan Luo and Autumn Shafer
Are You Talking to Me? Testing the Value of Asianspecific Messages as Benefits to Donating Healthy Breast Tissue

Pat Curtin, John Russial, and Alec Tefertiller
The State of Peer Review in the Public Relations Division: A Survey

Alec Tefertiller
Am I Depressed, or Is It the Showhole?: Mental Health, Affective Gratifications, and Binge-Watching
Netflix Versus the Cable Box: Media Substitution, Cord Cutting, and the Adoption of Streaming Television

Troy Elias, Nicole Dahmen, Daniel Morrison, Deborah Morrison, and David Morris II
We Talk of What We Care About: Understanding Climate Change Perceptions and Attitudes Across Hispanic, African American, and Anglo Racial/Ethnic Groups

Ricardo Valencia
At the Border: A Comparative Examination of U.S. Newspaper Coverage about Unaccompanied Immigrant Minors

Panel Participants:

Dean Mundy
The Next Frontier: LGBT Issues in Strategic Communication

Autumn Schafer
Negotiating Temptation: Possible Protective and Risk Factors Associated with the Effects of Sexual Media Content

Leslie Steeves
The Fulbright Scholar: Challenges of Teaching and Researching Broadcast or New Media Journalism around the World and in the U.S.

Seth Lewis
Reciprocity and the Communal Function of Journalism

Tim Gleason
The Future of Accrediting Professional Masters Programs: What’s Working, What Needs to Change

Pat Curtin
Demystifying the Peer-Review Process: Everything You’ve Wanted to Ask an Editor But Were Afraid To

Kyu Ho Youm
Information Access and Control in an Age of Big Data

Tom Bivins
The Ethics of Political Cartoons
Clashing Values: Preserving Traditional Values and Best Practices in the Digital Space

Nicole Dahmen
Seeing the Message: Public Relations and Visual Communication Strategies
Presidential “Show”down: Visual Dramas and Spectacles in Campaign 2016

Julie Newton
2016 Gene Burd Urban Journalism Award: Architectural Journalism: The State of the Field

John T. Russial and Alec Tefertiller
Smart Career Move or Shameless Self-Promotion? Publication Ethics in a Digital-first, Social Media Environment


John Russial (Discussant)
News Production and Process

Julianne Newton (Discussant)
Visual Media Coverage of Significant Global Events
Inter-Media, Social Media and Media Platform Content – Influences on Agenda-Setting

Patricia A. Curtin (Moderating)
Teaching Means Breaking Down Walls
Smart Career Move or Shameless Self-Promotion? Publication Ethics in a Digital-first, Social Media Environment

Nicole Damen (Moderating)
Top Paper Panel, Visual Communication Division

Dean Mundy (Moderating)
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer Interest Group

2016 IAMCR Conference

Papers Accepted:

Derek Moscato
Astroturfing and the Ecological Rift: Environmental Discourse and the Energy East Grassroots Advocacy Vision Document 

Materiality, Life, and Mediated Communication: Remembering John Dewey’s Three Plateaus

Gabriela Martinez
Peru’s Struggle Over Memory

Chris Chavez
Interpublic Group of Companies

Chris Chavez and Ashley Cordes
An African City: Web Television and the Promise of Alternative Production

Scott Maier
Which Atrocities Matter? Investigating Determinants of News Coverage of Human Rights Suffering

Justin Francese
Global Copyright Policy and the Trans-Pacific Partnership: The Evolution of “Notice and Take down” and it’s Impact on Freedom of Expression

Leslie Steeves
Participatory communication strategies and their enhanced role in contemporary models of large development organizations.

Kristen Wright
Now What Do I Do?  Parents and Children Establish a Strategy to Talk About Unfamiliar Online Spaces.

Jeslyn Lemke
Let the Ivoirian Journalists Speak: A case study of framing and media imperialism in the Cote d’Ivoire 2010-2011 Civil War

Geoff Ostrove and Janet Wasko
Disney’s Commodification of Memory

Irene Dorothy Awino
Gender Blindness in Kenya’s Post Conflict Situation: A Qualitative Analysis of Laws and Institutions

Thomas R. Schmidt
Disrupting Journalism: The Narrative Turn in American News Writing

Esi E Thompson
Ebola vaccine trial in Ghana: Moral panic or risky society

Ricardo Valencia
The endless hook-up: ’The political economy of dating app cultures

G. Gibby
Malcolm X and the Chicago defender: representations of an extremist in the black mainstream press

2016 ICA Conference (Fukuoka)

Papers Accepted:

Derek Moscato
Portlandia, Vancouverism, and the Rise of Green City Brands: The Promotional Culture of Ecotopia
The Role of Cultural Congruency in Mediated Gastrodiplomacy: A Qualitative Framing Analysis of the U.S.-Japan Sushi Summit
New Media Activism in Old-Growth Rainforest: The Rise of Drone Videography as a Means to Environmental Conservation in British Columbia’s Central Walbran Valley

Biswarup Sen
Transnational Modernity: The Case of Radio Ceylon

Nicole Dahmen and David Morris II:
Images of Resilience: The Case for Visual Restorative Narrative (Top Paper)
The Visual Depth of Hurricane Katrina Imagery: A Longitudinal Study Through the Lens of Commemorative Journalism and Iconicity

Seth Lewis
Boundaries of What? Anticipating the Future Journalistic Field

Kyu Ho Youm
Neutral Reportage in English Common Law: Codified as the “Public Interest” Defense

Jeremy Swartz
What is Media? @ IAMCR @ ICA

Nicole Dahmen, Kyle McDaniel, and David Morris II
A “Picture Perfect” Union: Photographic Framing of the 2013 and 2015 U.S. Supreme Court Rulings on Marriage Equality

Donna Z. Davis and Derek Moscato
Reimagining Disability in Virtual Worlds: Avatar Representation Through the Lens of Uses and Gratifications

Ashley Cordes
#Dustwarrior: Visual Representations of Native American Appropriation at Burning Man

Sangita Gopal
Indian Feminism and the Communicative Network

Thomas R. Schmidt
Developing Style: How the Washington Post Sparked a Cultural Revolution
Media Development and International Journalism Training

Laura E Strait
#LifeOfAMuslimFeminist: The Political Efficacy of Online Community Building

Heather Shoenberger
Through the Truth Goggles: An Experimental Investigation of Perceived Credibility and Quality With the Use of A Fact-Checking Prototype
Memories From a Binger: An Experimental Investigation of Viewing Experience and the Impact on Product Placement Recall

Juan-Carlos Molleda
Professionalization of Public Relations in Latin America: A Longitudinal Comparative Study
African Union Commission’s Multinational Ebola Campaign Informed by and Against the Decision-Making Model for Localization

Panel Participants:

Seth Lewis
Value, Culture, and Gender Differences in Nordic Newspaper Editors and Their Decisions
(respondent) Algorithms, Power, and Accountability in Journalism

Leslie Steeves
(respondent) Global Communication and Social Change

Nicole Dahmen
(chair) LGBTQ Europe, US, and Networks

Kyu Ho Youm
(chair) Social Media Law in the Global 21st Century: An International and Comparative Perspective
(participant) International Encyclopedia Advisory Board
(chair) The Study of Online Opinion Expression

Janet Wasko
(participant) International Encyclopedia Advisory Board

Debra Merskin
(participant) International Encyclopedia Advisory Board

2015 IAMCR Conference (Montreal)

Papers Accepted:

Awino, Irene, “#MyDressMyChoice versus #NudityisNotMyChoice: Resistance, Counterresistance in Kenya’s ‘Miniskirt Debate’”

Chavez, Christopher, “The “El Rey Network” and the Re-­‐Negotiation of the US Latino Audience”

De La Cruz, Sonia, “The delight of resisting pan-­‐Latinidad: The role of radio in shaping and representing the transborder identity of marginalized Latino communities”

Jher, “Participatory Culture and Design: Mediated Communication and Unconferences”

Jones, Patrick & Wasko, Janet, “Shields & Swords: The Role of Trade Associations in Media Governance” (presented at the PANAM post-conference)

Moscato, Derek, “The Political Economy of Polar Diplomacy: A Textual Analysis of Arctic Council Declarations, 2004-­‐2014”

Ostrove, Geoff, “Privatizing Portland’s Planning Processes: The Political Economy of Urban Communication Technologies (UCTs)”

Steeves, Leslie (with Srinivas Belkote, Bowling Green State University), “Hegemony or resistance?A new avatar for development communication in its quest for social justice in social change.”

Thompson, Esi, “Global response to Ebola in West Africa: Globalization or fragmentation”

Wasko, Janet, “The Walt Disney Corporation”

Wolf‐Monteiro, Brenna, “Justice, Gadgets and Profits: Exploring Tensions Between Environmental Justice and Technology Consumption through Media Coverage of Electronic Waste”

Workneh, Tewodros, “State vanguardism and telecommunications as commons: Perspectives from the Global South”

Wright, Kris, “Mediation in the family room: how parents use core family values to make choices about television with American tweens” and “What Kids Think: A Collaborative Effort to Develop a Participatory Research Method Measuring Media Literacy with Children in the Home”

Panel Participants:

Ostrove, Geoff

  • Chair: “Political economy of new media platforms”

2015 AEJMC Conference (San Francisco)

Papers Accepted:

Abdenour, Jesse, Persuasive Social Media Inference: Online Social Climate and Perceptions of Public Opinion

Dahmen, Nicole (with Erin Coyle, Louisiana State University), “Access Denied: Exploring the relationship between the Obama administration’s access policies and visual journalists’ ability to function as independent watchdogs.” Visual Communication Division

Dahmen, Nicole and Morrison, Dan, “Place, space, and time: Elite media as visual gatekeepers in the formation of iconic imagery.” Visual Communication Division

Davis, Donna, “Compulsive Creativity: Virtual Worlds, Disability, and New Selfhoods Online.” Communicating Science, Health, Environment, and Risk Division

Elias, Troy (with Mian Asim, Zayed University and Alyssa Jaisle, University of Florida), “Cross Cultural Political Persuasion: Assessing The Moderating Role Of Candidate Ethnicity And Strength of Ethnic Identification On Candidate Evaluation.” Minorities and Communication

Lemke, Jeslyn, “Soft Power and Development Efforts: An Analysis of Foreign Development Efforts As Covered in 28 Senegalese Dailies.” International Communication Division

Maier, Scott (with Marcus Mayorga and Paul Slovic, Decision Research), “The Affective Gap: Response to news of humanitarian crisis differs by gender and age.” Newspaper and Online News

Morrison, Deborah, “Advertising’s Responsibility to the Future: A proposal to address our role in climate change.” Advertising Division.

Remund, David (with Kelly Bruhn and Jennifer Glover Konfrst, Drake University), “Discovering the Next PR Star.” Community College Journalism Association and Scholastic Journalism Division

Schwartz, Jennifer, “Framing the problem of childhood obesity in White House press releases: 2010 to 2014.” Communicating Science, Health, Environment, and Risk Division

Shafer, Autumn (with Kelly Kaufhold, Texas State University), “Applying Health Behavior Theories to the Promotion of Breast Tissue Donation Among Asian Americans” Minorities and Communication Division

Shoenberger, Heather (with Erika Johnson, University of Missouri), “Erasing the scarlet letter: How media messages about sex can lead to better sexual health.” Mass Communication and Society Division

Shoenberger, Heather and Dahmen, Nicole, “#AirbrushingREJECTED: Testing millennials’ perceptions of  retouched and unretouched images in advertising campaigns.” Advertising Division.

Shoenberger, Heather (with Jasmine McNealy, University of Kentucky), “Differential Reasonableness: A standard for evaluating deceptive privacy-promising technologies.” Law & Policy Division

Staton, David and Ryan, Kathleen, “All I Want for Christmas is You: ‘Tis the Season for Holiday Romance.” Entertainment Studies Interest Group

Tefertiller, Alec, “Let’s Just Wait Until It’s on Netflix: Movie Attendance in the Digital Age”

Wang, Wenhuan, “Smartphones as Social Actors? Dispositional factors that make anthropomorphism in communication technology different.” Communication Technology (CTEC)

Workneh, Tweodros, “Internet Governance Policy Framework, Networked Communities and Online Surveillance in Ethiopia.” Law & Policy Division

Youm, Kyu (with Ahran Park, Seoul National University), “The Digital “Right to Be Forgotten” in EU Law: Informational Privacy vs. Freedom of Expression.” Law & Policy Division

Panel Participants:

Curtin, Pat

  • “Overcoming the Post-tenure Slump: Re-energizing Your Research Agenda”
  • Moderator: “Global Bridges Over Troubled Waters: Communication in the Wake of Humanitarian Crises”

Dahmen, Nicole

  • “Photos Beyond Borders: Visual Presentation from a Global Perspective”

Honda, Laurie P.

  • Moderator and Discussant: “Local, National, & International News Coverage of GLBT Politics, Sports, and Community”

Kennedy, Karla

  • “Teaching Digital Skills: The Edge of Innovation “

Madison, Ed

  • Moderator: “Teaching Digital Skills: The Edge of Innovation “
  • “High Impact Practices & Experiential Learning: Maximizing Students’ Education”
  • “Forget Independence – Collaboration is the New Buzzword”

Gallicano, Tiffany

  • Moderator: “Incoming Executive Committee Meeting”
  • Discussant: “Social Media and Public Relations”

Laufer, Peter

  • “Global Bridges Over Troubled Waters: Communication in the Wake of Humanitarian Crises”

Maier, Scott

  • “Tweet This: Two Weeks on the Social Media Frontlines”

Mundy, Dean

  • Moderator: “Orange is the New Black: Redefining Gender, Sexuality and Difference Through Prison Representations”
  • Moderator: “Media, Religion, and the Same-sex Marriage Debate Since Massachusetts”

Newton, Julianne

  • “In the Name of God: Religious Expression Through Visual Display,” in panel session “Religion Reporting and the Media Manipulation of ISIS: Do We Just Say No?”
  • Discussant: “Picture Perfect 2: The Role Visual Communication Plays in Journals and in Electronic Media for Shaping Public Opinion Regarding Race, Culture, Identity, and Representation”

Remund, David

  • “Developing Global Leaders: Best Practices for Helping Students Develop Vital Leadership Skills”

Russial, John

  • Discussant: “Television and Technology”

Shafer, Autumn

  • “Sexual Intensity of Adolescents’ Online Self- Presentations: Joint Contribution of Identity and Media Consumption”
  • “Impact of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and Active Mediation on Preschoolers’ Social and Emotional Development”

Staton, David

  • Moderator: “Picture Perfect 2: The Role Visual Communication Plays in Journals and in Electronic Media for Shaping Public Opinion Regarding Race, Culture, Identity, and Representation”

Steeves, Leslie

  • “Defining and Debating Feminism and Feminist Research: What is Feminism and Feminist Research? Who is Allowed to Define it and Do these Answers Matter?”

Upshaw, Jim

  • “Network Newscasts: Then and Now”

Youm, Kyu

  • “Achievements and Current Status of Communication Research in Asia”
  • Moderator: “Journalism and Mass Communication Education in Asia: Showcasing China, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, and More”
  • Respondent: “Achievements and Current Status of Communication Research in Asia, 1995-2014: A Thematic Review of Diverse Perspectives, New Contributions and Enduring Issues”