Quick Question: The Advising Podcast

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Welcome to Quick Question, the advising podcast!

Each podcast is between 2-4 minutes and quickly answers a question frequently asked of the journalism school advisors. They are intended as a fun advising resource, not as a substitute for meeting with your assigned advisor. (Because what's more fun than seeing your advisor? Nothing!) This project first started in 2008. As such, some older podcasts may now be outdated. These are noted in the "transcript" section of the podcast.

Episodes 1-60 were recorded when Student Services was located in 101 Allen Hall. While Allen Hall is undergoing its transformation project, Student Services is temporarily located in 99 Agate Hall. Once we move back, our new location will be 134 Allen Hall.

Don't see your burning question answered? Ask us! Your question just may be next week's new episode!

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#60. (03:20) A class is not showing up on my degree audit, what does that mean?
#59. (03:11) How do I decide if I should take something pass/no pass?
#58. (03:32) Can I take online courses to fulfill my requirements?
#57. (03:20) Do I have to study a foreign language while at the University of Oregon?
#56. (02:14) If I do badly in a class, can I repeat it to replace the bad grade?
#55. (03:32) I am struggling with a class and need additional help. Help!
#54. (03:48) I have a personal crisis. What counseling resources are available to me?
#53. (03:08) I have a learning disability and need special accommodations. What can I do?
#52. (03:42) What is the maximum number of credits I can transfer in from another school?
#51. (03:10) What is the maximum number of credits I can take each term?
#50. (02:44) Why do I have to activate my UO email account?
#49. (02:26) Can I graduate with honors?
#48. (03:10) May I take more than one journalism course a term?
#47. (02:54) Do I have to do summer school at UO?
#46. (03:30) What is "mandatory attendance?"
#45. (02:48) Can I minor in journalism?
#44. (02:30) Is it true I have only have 12 pass/no pass credits?
#43. (03:46) May I take any of my journalism courses pass/no pass?
#42. (03:56) Why are letters of recommendation important?
#41. (02:54) Is a "W" bad?
#40. (02:45) What is this degree audit report you advisers keep harping about?
#39. (02:46) My professor said I could add his class. That means I'm in, right?
#38. (04:22) What are prerequisites?
#37. (02:46) I apparently have three advisers. What do I use them for?
#36. (03:26) I don't see the course I want to take on the schedule next term. What do I do?
#35. (04:20) What are informational interviews?
#34. (02:46) What are upper division credits?
#33. (03:48) If I'm a journalism major, does that mean I can't double major?
#32. (02:34) What is variable credit?
#31. (03:33) Do I need a laptop if I'm a journalism student?
#30. (03:41) What is the recommended workload for a journalism student?
#29. (03:03) Current curriculum v. New curriculum. What's best for me?
#28. (03:34) I have a hold on my account! What do I do?
#27. (04:00) I'm not doing an internship this summer. Are there other things I can do to still have a producive summer?
#26. (04:14) What is "auditing?" Is it the same as sitting in on a class?
#25. (03:10) What is "zero week?"
#24. (04:11) What is "walking in spring?" Who can do it?
#23. (03:21) What is the "residency" requirement? How does it relate to being able to complete a UO degree at another school?
#22. (03:49) I received an incomplete ("I") grade. What does it mean?
#21. (05:09) I've been admitted to UO as a transfer student and will be majoring in journalism. Now what?
#20. (04:21) I've been admitted to UO as a freshman this fall and will be majoring in journalism. Now what?
#19. (02:54) What is the journalism major resource fee used for?
#18. (02:46) I'm a pre-journalism student but I'm not interested in it. Is that bad?
#17. (04:24) All my classes are large lecture classes! How can I stand out in this sea of students?
#16. (04:13) I didn't do well last term. How can I fix this?
#15. (03:36) Argh! The course I want is full! What do I do?
#14. (03:20) I got an internship! Can I get credit for it?
#13. (03:46) What are CAS credits? Why do I need 94 of them?
#12. (03:18) How do I choose a minor?
#11. (03:32) If I'm a journalism major, can I still study abroad?
#10. (03:14) I need help with Grammar!
#9. (03:07) Why do I have to take a class called "Info Hell?"
#8. (03:28) How do I get started with internships?
#7. (02:38) I am interested in journalism. How do I switch my major?
#6. (02:48) What is "full major status?" How do I apply for it?
#5. (02:40) I took a class at another school this summer. How do I transfer this to UO?
#4. (03:42) Economics: Why do I have to take it? What strategies can I adopt to succeed at it?
#3. (03:24) Minimum passing grades: If you get a D, do you have to retake the course?
#2. (02:10) Do journalism students have to take Math?
#1. (02:42) Pass/No Pass Credits: What are they? What can I use them for?