I have a hold on my account! What do I do?

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Hello and welcome to “Quick Question,” the jcomm advising podcast. Today’s quick question is about holds on your account. What are holds, why are they there and what can I do to remove them?

Holds are restrictions on your account. Your account is essentially frozen. They usually manifest themselves in your inability to register for classes. Or, if you are already registered for class, a hold will prevent you from adding another class, dropping an existing class or changing your grading option.

Holds can exist for a variety of reasons. New students may experience a hold if their measles immunization documentation isn’t filed in a timely manner. This hold is placed by the Student Health Center to ensure they receive the documentation they require. New transfer students may get a hold if their final transcripts from their previous school haven’t transferred in. This final transcript can be crucial for different reasons. Admissions may be waiting for these transcripts if a student was admitted conditionally. The registrar’s office, the keeper of academic grades and transcripts, are also waiting for these transcripts because they want to ensure a student’s academic transcript is accurate. Your academic advisors are also waiting for these final transcripts so we can properly guide you to your goal of graduating.

The third common reason for a hold is a past due account. In other words, you owe the university money. This hold is placed on an account by the student billing section of the university’s Business Affairs Office. These types of holds are usually not removed until the minimum due amount is paid.

Although inconvenient, holds are actually placed for your protection. The first type of hold – the immunization hold – is placed to ensure you and others are protected from a preventable disease.  The second hold – the final transcripts hold – protects your transcript integrity and helps campus resources support your educational pursuits. The third hold – the financial one – is there to prevent you from going into further debt. If you owe the university money, aren’t able to pay and the university allows you to keep registering for classes, the amount you owe would keep increasing. That’s not fair to you and to the university.

So, what can do you to remove a hold? Simply put: do whatever they want you to do. The first two are easily: provide the immunization documentation or get immunized, or have your last school send in the final transcript. The third one is trickier. If you’re having trouble paying your student bill, talk to the business affairs office and see what your options are. Maybe a payment plan could be set up. Talk to the Office of Financial Aid as well – perhaps they too will have some options for you.

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