Eating disorders are commonly seen as affecting only women, but they affect all genders. The number of men being diagnosed with food-related mental illnesses is increasing — yet many more go undiagnosed and untreated. One man, a college student, shares his story of battling a disorder for half his life.

University of Oregon junior Nika Jin shares her love of swing dance with eager students week after week at UO Swing Night.

Addi Hand is awake and working at her restaurant “Addi’s” hours before the sun rises. Opening her doors at 4 a.m. is just one of the attributes that makes her Springfield diner a popular and special place.

College can be demanding, but UO student Marcel Miranda uses the sport of soccer to heal his anxieties.

Over the past ten years, the Urban Farm class has helped hundreds of UO students learn about agriculture and growing food at home.

Laughton Elliott-DeAngelis works through stress and quiets his mind through climbing at the Skinner Butte columns.

As varsity coxswain, it is Alex Hunt-Riley's job to make sure her teammates are working to their full potential as the boat glides through the water.

UO student chef Shantel Sanchez balances school and small business.

The Eugene Community Garden has become like a second home for Helen Denzler.

Cuban salsa dancer Drue Edney and her dance group, Azúcar keep the vibrant and energetic style alive in Eugene.

Campbell Senior Center serves about 100 senior Lane County residents each day. Classes teach everything from how to use an iPad to basic woodworking.

UO janitor Krista Osburn works diligently throughout the late hours of the night, cleaning the Jaqua Academic Center for Student-Athletes.

John Gelsomino enjoys helping community members go about their day.

Elliott Ericson spends his time teaching others the craft of becoming a pilot.

On the first Friday of every month, Downtown Eugene plays host to a celebration of the arts.

Edson Clemens is one of the morning managers of the Glenwood Restaurant near the University of Oregon campus.

Timothy Long, a Eugene business owner and father of four, has always had a close relationship with music.

Eli Siegle spends his days riding and fixing bikes. “I have a blast doing it,” says Siegle.

Jan VanderTuin helped establish the Skinner City Farm to get people to work for their food and have a chance to know where it came from.

Every morning, Fereyel Richardson wakes up, sends her sons off to school and then goes to work creating glass art.

An inside look at off-season training by the University of Oregon football team.

Meeting every Saturday behind the Knight Library, the UO Quidditch Club encourages everyone to come out and play the game with them.

Acoustic guitarist Mark Hanson shares his gift of music in more ways than one.

Kate McGee's works range from picturesque landscapes to still lifes featuring vibrant oranges, greens, and blues.

After having an unexpected curveball thrown her way last summer, former Oregon softball player Kailee Cuico is back in town and making the most of a new opportunity with the team.

The Salseros Dance Company hosted the second annual Salsa Dancing Festival in Eugene. The music brought the community together in new way.

Tim’s journey to become an artist has shaped who he is, and he continues to walk that path each day. “It’s important, more than ever, that I share my work.”

Mike Leckie captures the beauty and complexity of the human experience in his figurative sculptures.

Less than a year after graduating from UO, Joey McMurry is already very active on the local airwaves.

Ali Levy and her seven-year-old thoroughbred, Hamden, have been together for more than a year. “My favorite thing about riding is being able to communicate with horses,” says Levy.

Stephen White creates one-of-a-kind light sculptures, and we are all moths to his flame.

Seven teams of volunteers set out by bike and car to plant forty trees in the Whiteaker Neighborhood.

From headbangers to Bach, and everything in between, Gretchen Menn’s six-string sound is music to the ears.

The women’s Ultimate Frisbee team at the University of Oregon may be one of the best in the country, but it’s their commitment to each other that makes them stand out the most.

Hockey is becoming more popular in the Eugene area and there is only one place to skate, the Rink Exchange.

A steady job wasn’t enough for Tracie Manso. She wanted to be happy, so she turned to art.

Art is sacred for Eugene painter Claire Flint.

Susan Lucia plays the drums in three different bands.

Saxophonist and origami artist Tomo Tsurumi balances the arts in his life.

After five successful years as a high school girl’s basketball coach, Stephenie Wheeler-Smith has joined the Oregon women’s basketball team as the director of operations.

A new chapter on the UO campus will provide women with the tools and contacts to succeed in sports journalism careers.

More than 500 participants and spectators braved the weather for the 5th annual Polar Plunge event.

Scott Kuszik puts soul into his art. “A lot of my art is just tangible emotion,” Kuszik said.

Eugene metal worker Steve Uhle creates iron poetry in his art.

An activist through her art, Andrea Ros believes human behavior has possibly led to an irreversible degradation in the environment.

UO track athlete Casey Campbell excels both on and off the track. His journey to Hayward Field is truly one of a kind.

Joe Mross turns the fantastic world of steampunk into reality with his curious creations.

The University of Oregon Veteran Center provides student veterans with unique services while they transition to college life.

While most of Eugene is asleep, the printing press crew at The Register-Guard is hard at work producing the next edition.

Mt. Pisgah Arboretum offers activities like Play in the Rain Day.

When night hits Eugene, UO Safe Ride staffers are in vans, working to ensure that students and staff don’t walk home alone.

As the volleyball coach and freshman counselor at Marist High School, Shari Pimental has created a bond with students that lasts far beyond their four years at the school.

Madelayne Varela demonstrates the struggle and hardship that comes with being a Division-1 Track athlete at the University of Oregon.

Kumu Iwalani shares Hula with the Eugene community to fulfill her kuleana, her responsibility, as a Hula practitioner.

J.D. Olson owns the Conger Street Clock Museum, a hidden gem in the Eugene community. His clocks symbolize much more to him than just simple timepieces.

The Piccadilly Flea Market is special to the Eugene community. With 44 years of history behind it, the market attracts people of all generations.

UO student Abel Cerros delivers the Daily Emerald newspaper early in the morning before people wake up.

Laid off during the recession, a mechanical engineer carries newspapers to make ends meet.

Beth Schenderlein, the International Student Services Coordinator at Lane Community College, helps students adjust to a different culture.

Volunteers at West Coast Dog and Cat Rescue spend their mornings taking care of feline friends.

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