This year, the campus radio station showcased record collections from more than 15 vendors.

The University of Oregon Pocket Playhouse presents “The Music of Erich Zann,” a collection of several tales written by American author H.P. Lovecraft.

Countering with their own defensive strengths, Oregon football was able to silence the Stanford offense and pull out a convincing 46-15 win.

Beth Schenderlein, the International Student Services Coordinator at Lane Community College, helps students adjust to a different culture.

Bargain hunters recently lost one option when Movies 12, a theater complex at Gateway Mall, closed down.

UO’s Leigha Krick is certified to teach seven group workout classes at the Student Rec Center. She plans to pursue teaching fitness for a living after graduating in June.

Courtney Ceo is a senior third baseman for the Oregon Duck softball team, currently ranked number one in the nation.

The food pantry's mission is to provide free groceries for students in need.

South Eugene standout Eli Lininger discusses his life as a student athlete and how he is able to excel both on the court and in the classroom.

Danu, the osprey was rescued by the Cascades Raptor Center in Eugene. A handler tells the story of the bird's remarkable recovery.

For one martial artist, Jeet Kune Do serves as a tool of self-defense and a means of improving his quality of life.

Volunteers at West Coast Dog and Cat Rescue spend their mornings taking care of feline friends.

Lights, camera, action. Students are producing a video to help prevent binge drinking.

Eugene Buddhist Priory is a temple for Zen Buddhists to meditate and worship.

Salsa heated the Vet's Ballroom last February. The three-day event included workshops, live music and performances by acclaimed salsa bands and dancers.

Growing up as an undocumented immigrant, Jackie Altamirano says she could not comfortably talk about who she was.

Today, Sandra Green works as a Spanish teacher at Thurston High School in Springfield, far from where she once called home.

Mihoko Kato left her friends and family behind to find her true self and pursue a new life in America.

Rohan Banerjee grew up in India and came to America for college. Ultimately, he chose America as his home despite his family’s objections.

A student Pokemon league at the UO focuses on fun and friends.

To help the statewide food drive, University of Oregon departments compete to see who can collect the most food donations.

Shira Melul, a recent Israeli immigrant, leads the Jewish Student Union at South Eugene High School.

Catherine Arthur was born in Samoa. She grew up as a minority and then moved to a place where suddenly she became one of the majority.

Local photographer Athena Delene uses more than just her camera to creatively photograph her subjects—she uses paint.

The University of Oregon’s Outdoor Program has received a $200,000 grant from the ASUO to develop a bike share system on campus.

More than 500 participants came out to brave the chilly morning in the fourth annual running of this event. The idea behind this race is to encourage people to live a healthy lifestyle.

It’s a typical Friday morning at Newport High School, but this group of students is not sitting in a classroom. They're out shredding the waves of the Oregon Coast.

A University of Oregon professor has released a new book detailing her research on social movements in Oaxaca, Mexico.

While balancing her life as a UO student and employee at The Duck Store, Amanda Burd also works as a radio host on the campus radio station.

It’s six in the morning at the Matthew Knight Arena, and Dan Barnes is just going to work.

A duo of entrepreneurs successfully launches a coffee roasting business with help from “Sprout!”, the food hub that increases access to sustainable local food options.

It's 5:00 a.m., and Jessie Scarola is already at work, creating delicacies that can be enjoyed by people who have celiac disease-- a condition that prevents them from eating gluten.

A University of Oregon senior takes on a hobby that takes up more time than most. Besides training for races, she had to completely change the way she lives her life.

This group of cycling enthusiasts gathers each Thursday evening at a concrete square under the Washington-Jefferson Street Bridge.

In a web of tangled dreams, only the good ones are able to make it through. Thunder Star creates traditional dream catchers validating that “We are still here.”

University of Oregon student Natasha Morris hikes Spencer Butte routinely to get away from the stresses of college. After moving to Eugene from San Francisco, she now has a love for both terrains.

A new workout class in Eugene is taking exercise to new heights.

Major renovations to the UO's EMU pose exciting possibilities for the future of KWVA campus radio.

Bonnie Simoa's journey to Bali inspired her to pass along its traditions to her students at Lane Community College.

Mexican-American artist Analee Fuentes brings her southwest inspirations to life through her paintings. Her works include large oil paintings of scaled animals, as well as playful Day of the Dead depictions of famous western art pieces.

Expert musician, sound engineer and music producer Billy Barnett has worked with locally and nationally acclaimed artists at his renowned Gung-Ho Studio in Eugene for more than 35 years.

Katey Finley uses film cameras to create artwork. She uses double exposures, cross processing of the film, and other effects to create the aesthetic she wants in her photos.

After being a painter and sculptor, Erin Even decided to create puppets as an exercise in exploring a new form of sculpture. His puppets have been in several art exhibits and are selling faster than he can build them.

Deb Cleveland has been singing the blues in Oregon for 20 years, and has been recognized as Eugene’s best blues singer. Formerly singing for The Vipers, she now fronts the Deb Cleveland Band.

Melissa Mankins is a Eugene photographer with a unique aesthetic. Melissa has already started a successful career working in her Whiteaker neighborhood studio with her business partner, Claire Flint.

As a virtuoso of fingerstyle guitar, Don Latarski has become a familiar name in the music community since he entered the Eugene art scene 30 years ago.

Few people in Eugene know that guitar instructor Bill Harkleroad was once a part of Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band. Today he enjoys a quiet life, teaching and living out his “sonic dreams”.

Eugene’s Very Little Theatre, founded in 1929, is one of the oldest community theatres run strictly by volunteers in the United States.

The process and craft that underlie the unique voice and sound of Betty and the Boy, a band that defies categorization.

Betsy Wolfston is a Eugene-area sculptor who fuses her political background into her art today. She believes that art makes us sane, and that through art, we can become better people.

After midnight in Eugene, the lights may go off in many places around town, but the lights and airwaves stay on at KWVA, 88.1 FM.

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