Susan Lucia plays the drums in three different bands.

UO track athlete Casey Campbell excels both on and off the track. His journey to Hayward Field is truly one of a kind.

Joe Mross turns the fantastic world of steampunk into reality with his curious creations.

Siblings Alex and Hannah Nordstrand have used the game of basketball to bond closer than they’ve ever been.

The University of Oregon Veteran Center provides student veterans with unique services while they transition to college life.

Jacob Salzberg, a senior journalism student, has built up a reputation as a standup comedian on the local scene.

Mt. Pisgah Arboretum offers activities like Play in the Rain Day.

When night hits Eugene, UO Safe Ride staffers are in vans, working to ensure that students and staff don’t walk home alone.

As the volleyball coach and freshman counselor at Marist High School, Shari Pimental has created a bond with students that lasts far beyond their four years at the school.

Brian Richardson, KEZI-TV news anchor and producer, left Missouri and came to Eugene, where he works nightside to produce the 11 p.m. newscast.

Madelayne Varela demonstrates the struggle and hardship that comes with being a Division-1 Track athlete at the University of Oregon.

Kumu Iwalani shares Hula with the Eugene community to fulfill her kuleana, her responsibility, as a Hula practitioner.

Take an inside look at the creative process of a local bakery in Eugene, known to most as Sweet Life.

J.D. Olson owns the Conger Street Clock Museum, a hidden gem in the Eugene community. His clocks symbolize much more to him than just simple timepieces.

The Piccadilly Flea Market is special to the Eugene community. With 44 years of history behind it, the market attracts people of all generations.

Laura Rose and her husband have designed and built one of the first microhouses in Eugene. The design has won awards and generated interest across the city.

The Barn Light, a cafe-bar combo, has played a key part in Eugene’s downtown revitalization.

UO student Abel Cerros delivers the Daily Emerald newspaper early in the morning before people wake up.

Steven Leuders helps schoolchildren and their parents cross the street in front of Edison Elementary in Eugene.

A look inside the production of Euphoria’s award-winning chocolates and how the process takes place from start to finish.

Laid off during the recession, a mechanical engineer carries newspapers to make ends meet.

This year, the campus radio station showcased record collections from more than 15 vendors.

Beth Schenderlein, the International Student Services Coordinator at Lane Community College, helps students adjust to a different culture.

UO’s Leigha Krick is certified to teach seven group workout classes at the Student Rec Center. She plans to pursue teaching fitness for a living after graduating in June.

The food pantry's mission is to provide free groceries for students in need.

Danu, the osprey was rescued by the Cascades Raptor Center in Eugene. A handler tells the story of the bird's remarkable recovery.

For one martial artist, Jeet Kune Do serves as a tool of self-defense and a means of improving his quality of life.

Volunteers at West Coast Dog and Cat Rescue spend their mornings taking care of feline friends.

Salsa heated the Vet's Ballroom last February. The three-day event included workshops, live music and performances by acclaimed salsa bands and dancers.

Growing up as an undocumented immigrant, Jackie Altamirano says she could not comfortably talk about who she was.

Today, Sandra Green works as a Spanish teacher at Thurston High School in Springfield, far from where she once called home.

Mihoko Kato left her friends and family behind to find her true self and pursue a new life in America.

Rohan Banerjee grew up in India and came to America for college. Ultimately, he chose America as his home despite his family’s objections.

A student Pokemon league at the UO focuses on fun and friends.

To help the statewide food drive, University of Oregon departments compete to see who can collect the most food donations.

Shira Melul, a recent Israeli immigrant, leads the Jewish Student Union at South Eugene High School.

Catherine Arthur was born in Samoa. She grew up as a minority and then moved to a place where suddenly she became one of the majority.

Local photographer Athena Delene uses more than just her camera to creatively photograph her subjects—she uses paint.

The University of Oregon’s Outdoor Program has received a $200,000 grant from the ASUO to develop a bike share system on campus.

A University of Oregon professor has released a new book detailing her research on social movements in Oaxaca, Mexico.

While balancing her life as a UO student and employee at The Duck Store, Amanda Burd also works as a radio host on the campus radio station.

It’s six in the morning at the Matthew Knight Arena, and Dan Barnes is just going to work.

A duo of entrepreneurs successfully launches a coffee roasting business with help from “Sprout!”, the food hub that increases access to sustainable local food options.

A University of Oregon senior takes on a hobby that takes up more time than most. Besides training for races, she had to completely change the way she lives her life.

This group of cycling enthusiasts gathers each Thursday evening at a concrete square under the Washington-Jefferson Street Bridge.

In a web of tangled dreams, only the good ones are able to make it through. Thunder Star creates traditional dream catchers validating that “We are still here.”

University of Oregon student Natasha Morris hikes Spencer Butte routinely to get away from the stresses of college. After moving to Eugene from San Francisco, she now has a love for both terrains.

A new workout class in Eugene is taking exercise to new heights.

Major renovations to the UO's EMU pose exciting possibilities for the future of KWVA campus radio.

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