Sutton Raphael and Kyle Hentschel

SOJC students Sutton Raphael and Kyle Hentschel on location in Nepal.

In October, University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication (SOJC) sent two students, Sutton Raphael and Kyle Hentschel, to Nepal to cover the aftermath of a devastating earthquake. The quake, which struck in April, has taken more than 8,000 lives, displaced Nepal’s citizens and left the country’s infrastructure in critical condition. Six months later, Nepal’s tourism industry is still struggling and the country remains in dire need.

The trip was an opportunity for Raphael and Hentschel to use their journalistic skills to help solve real-world problems. In Nepal, the two filmed, edited and produced several videos that they combined into a comprehensive multimedia piece telling the stories of people who have been affected by the earthquake.

Raphael and Hentschel were excited about the prospect of sharing stories and information about the situation in Nepal.

“The Nepal trip was an incredible opportunity for me as an aspiring foreign correspondent,” says Raphael. “I was thrilled to find out Kyle and I would get to visit Kathmandu in September.”

The trip required a diverse skill set that included patience, awareness and understanding. “We spent each day meeting with new people who were eager to share their stories of perseverance after the earthquake,” says Raphael. “Two of our main subjects, Amit Gupta and Anup Shrestha, were so kind to us and told us about their neighborhood club, which provided earthquake relief to earthquake victims in their neighborhood. Kyle and I can’t wait to share Amit and Anup’s story.”

Raphael and Hentschel’s work was shown during the educational earthquake preparedness forum “Don’t Wait for the Quake,” which took place Tuesday, Nov. 17, at the George S. Turnbull Portland Center. The live audience of community leaders, scientists, relief agency representatives, first responders and students participated in a discussion after watching the five stories that Raphael and Sutton captured. The program was also video-streamed live on Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB) website and simulcast on OPB radio.

Raphael, Hentschel and countless other SOJC students are making an impact using their journalistic skills in tandem with the principles of ethics, innovation and action to educate others about important global issues.