For undergraduates Petra Chung, Matt Leslie, Guru Amar Khalsa, and Laura Mahaffey, this summer was all about baseball.

Teaming up with SOJC instructor Dan Morrison, the students covered 18 Eugene Emeralds home games, providing a story of the game and a photo gallery of 24 to 30 images to

Morrison selected the team student based on the quality of the students’ work and their drive to prepare themselves for the professional world of journalism, moving beyond simply earning a degree.

The project not only took place outside of a class (which means no credits were earned) but was a volunteer effort on Morrison’s part as well.

For Morrison, the draw was the chance to immerse students in real-word deadline situations. Students were only allotted a few hours to complete their pieces after games, which ended around 10 p.m.

“This is not a teaching moment, this is a get it done moment,” Morrison said.

For the students, the time and energy devoted — working as late as 2 a.m. — gave them what they need to stand out after graduation: professional clips.

“I was inspired because I love doing projects outside of class, and I really enjoy the team that Dan put together,” Khalsa said.