Dan Drullinger

Everybody has met that couple: The one who spends and the one who stresses out about the spending.

SOJC advertising student Dan Drullinger tapped into that collective consciousness to win the Allstate Life Tracks Ad Competition. His team’s ad “Honey Look What I Got” portrays the relationship dynamic between an over-spender and his slightly concerned fiancé.

The ad was released nationally across multiple online platforms in May.

Drullinger acted as a junior planner as well as the main actor in the spot. Another UO student played his female counterpart. The goal of the contest was to educate the 25-35 year old demographic about financial planning services.

“This whole experience means the world to me,” says Drullinger. “It opened so many doors and led to a lot of new business and job opportunities.”

Drullinger began his study at UO as a business major. After meeting Deb Morrison his junior year, he decided to pursue advertising. He immediately began looking for a way to separate himself from the crowd through a strong portfolio.

His PSA on child hunger won first place in the UO NBS Film Festival. His team’s spot for Miller-Coors’ Miller64 beer was named the Editor’s Pick and was the runner-up in the competition.

“I’m a firm believer in the way the Oregon ad program encouraged us to create work that can transcend the classroom; that was my goal.”