Iago Bojczuk As the first in his family to attend college, Iago Bojczuk never expected to leave his countryside town in Brazil to travel to the United States for higher education. Now a sophomore at the University of Oregon (UO) School of Journalism and Communication (SOJC) studying journalism, Bojczuk is well on his way to becoming an innovative young leader. This month, Bojczuk — who is also a full-tuition scholarship recipient in the Clarks Honor College — will be heading to the Harvard Innovation Lab in Boston, Massachusetts, to attend the Hive Global Leaders Program.

The Hive Global Leaders Program is a leadership and entrepreneurship training for exceptional leaders across the globe. Created by Harvard alumn Ryan Allis, the Hive brings together the world’s top leaders, innovators, CEOs and entrepreneurs to connect and educate upcoming leaders who want to make a positive influence in the world. Ultimately, the program’s mission is to create a group of entrepreneurs and leaders who share a common goal of creating a better world using creative thinking, social sciences, technology and entrepreneurship.

Each day of the three-day Hive event has a specific focus: what’s going on the world, what’s going on in one’s own world and what’s going on in one’s work. The goal is for participants to learn how to make a positive impact in each of these areas.

Bojczuk first became interested in the Hive program because of the diversity it brings to his professional and personal life. He hopes it will enhance his skill set and put him closer to his goals of becoming both a journalist and a global entrepreneur.

“No doubt Iago will be successful, and he will represent the SOJC, the Clark Honors College and the UO very well,” said SOJC Professor Gabriela Martinez . “I am confident he will take advantage of every single aspect of the opportunity and bring back new knowledge and skills to share with his peers and professors.”

Bojczuk is thrilled to have the chance to interact with leaders from all over the world, many of whom hail from completely different backgrounds yet share similar goals. “We need to take advantage of everyone’s talent in order to enhance a network of individuals who dream of a better future,” Bojczuk said.

Bojczuk is also eager to prove that Brazil is about much more than just soccer, beaches and the Olympics. He hopes this opportunity will help him show that creative minds are coming out of Brazil with the potential to change the world.

“I feel like I need to lead a more purpose-driven life by giving more educational opportunities for people back in Brazil, and Hive will help me find out more about it,” Bojczuk said. “My country is facing an enormous political and economic crisis, and I believe connection and entrepreneurship are essential to unite the youth power in order to change the current scenario.”

This summer is also going to be busy for Bojczuk, who is again traveling to the East Coast to teach public relations to high school students for a three-week summer program called EXPLO at Yale University. The program draws students from all over the world, and Bojczuk hopes that the Hive Global Leaders program will help prepare him to communicate well with a diverse group of people. After the summer program, Bojczuk will be interning at a nongovernmental organization (NGO) in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Story by Nikki Kesaris ‘18