European Journal Observatory SOJC

Earlier this month, Professor and James Wallace Chair in Journalism Peter Laufer and SOJC Associate Professor and Journalism Coordinator Scott Maier attended the annual meeting of the European Journalism Observatory, held at the University of Belgrade. During the meeting, the SOJC was introduced to the eleven EJO partner universities as the organization’s newest member and its North American bureau.

Published in ten languages, the European Journalism Observatory acts as a consortium, providing a unique international exchange of media research. The SOJC’s participation in the EJO will promote its status as a global research center and help build bridges between media scholars and practitioners on both sides of the Atlantic.

“This partnership helps put the UO School of Journalism and Communication ‘on the map’ as a global research center,” Maier said.

The UO bureau of the EJO will work with the Reuters Institute at Oxford and EJO’s Swiss headquarters, assisting with reporting, editing and managing the English website. Laufer and Maier will supervise the UO bureau and will also oversee SOJC students as they report on leading research in their fields of study.

“We at the University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication look forward to working with the Reuters Institute at Oxford University further developing the English-language website of the European Journalism Observatory,” Laufer said.

The European Journalism Observatory, founded at the University of Switzerland in 2004, works to create connections in journalism cultures across Europe and the US. The EJO is a developing network of collaborating research institutes based in Albania, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Switzerland, Ukraine and now, the United States.

“The EJO mission of both exchanging international journalism research across language barriers and making academic research available to practicing journalists is critical to our profession and the academy,” Laufer said.

—Grace Rogan, SOJC Communications