Ellen Minkin Ann Curry SOJC

For graduating seniors that first step into the real world can be a tough one.

So when three journalism students in the SOJC began planning for life after the J-School, they relied on faculty encouragement and support to launch them onto the biggest stage at the top networks.

Christopher Goodwin pushed through the grueling application process for the CBS Summer Internship in part because Senior Instructor Rebecca Force challenged him to dream big.

“If students are going to learn how to produce broadcast news, they should be learning from best examples set on the best stages, and that means the networks in New York,” Force said. “We expect our students to aim for world class and they aren’t going to get there by waiting until ‘later’.”

Goodwin’s tenacity paid off and he was chosen for the summer-long internship, which starts soon after graduation. He sees it as a great opportunity to launch a career in foreign and national news production.

“The SOJC’s emphasis on providing relevant information to a democratic society drives my decision to go into national news,” Goodwin said. “I am confident that my education here has prepared me for success.”

Journalism senior Dillon Pilorget also counts faculty support and encouragement as the force behind his application and success. He initially saw the internship at NBC with Ann Curry’s team as a long shot, but followed James Wallace Chair in Journalism Peter Laufer’s guidance in applying for and eventually securing the internship.

“I feel blessed to be a part of the SOJC,” Pilorget said. “I would have never had this opportunity otherwise.”

Laufer thinks Pilorget is not the only one with a great opportunity.

“I can only imagine how pleased NBC News, where I hung my professional hat for many years, will be with the addition of Dillon Pilorget’s energy to their newsroom,” Laufer said. “Dillon’s energy and enthusiasm for journalism was apparent the first few minutes of the first day of class.”

Pilorget will be the only intern working with Ann Curry’s team this summer, but the stage will have been set by fellow senior Ellen Minkin, who headed to New York in April.

“Just more than a week ago I was watching “Rock Center” on TV in Eugene, and now I’m in 30 Rock researching and pitching stories at NBC News,” Minkin said. “I am so grateful for this wonderful experience and the opportunity to learn from such seasoned professionals.”

—Taimarie Locke, SOJC Communications