Several professors at the University of Oregon (UO) School of Journalism and Communication (SOJC) were recognized for their achievements in research and leadership at the 2015 UO Research Excellence Awards. The Research Excellence Awards honor the impact of research conducted by UO faculty, and on May 28, five SOJC professors were named recipients.

Chris ChavezChristopher Chávez, an assistant professor of advertising, earned the Outstanding Early Career Award. Recipients for this award are selected for having a track record of significant scholarship and emergent recognition and support of such efforts, and a productive and impactful scholarly record. Chávez conducts research and teaching that lies at the intersection of globalization, media and culture and is a well-respected media source for issues related to U.S. Latinos and their role as consumers.

Science and Memory faculty leaders

Science and Memory faculty leaders: Mark Blaine, Deborah Morrison, Dan Morrison, Torsten Kjellstrand

The 2015 Impact and Innovation Award was granted to the Science and Memory project team members Mark Blaine, Torsten Kjellstrand, Dan Morrison and Deborah Morrison. The faculty’s climate change reporting project incorporates storytelling with data and human experiences and also includes student projects and research. The SOJC team was recognized for their Alaska-based project, which demonstrates outstanding entrepreneurial activity that has garnered attention for its innovations in environmental impact.

In addition to the research awards, an SOJC professor has been honored with the 2015 Wayne Westling Award for University Leadership and Service and two SOJC professors were selected as recipients of the 2015-16 Fund for Faculty Excellence Awards.

Carol Stabile is the recipient of the 2015 Wayne Westling Award for University Leadership and Service. The Westling Award is given to a staff or faculty member in any discipline who demonstrates exemplary service by participating in university advisory bodies, committees, or faculty elective positions and leadership committed to participatory decision-making, the fundamentals of shared government and to promoting a campus climate of inclusiveness and respect.

Kim Sheehan and Gabriela Martínez were among 14 faculty members chosen as recipients for the 2015-16 UO Faculty Excellence Award. The award recognizes “UO faculty performing at the forefront of research and discovery” and recognize “academic excellence in our finest tenured faculty.”

Story by Corinne Boyer