University of Oregon Professor Carol A. Stabile was named a 2014 American Council of Learned Societies Fellow for her archival research on women working in television in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s. The research study, named “Pink Channels: Women and the Broadcast Blacklist”, focuses on the opposition progressive women in the television industry faced amongst an anti-communist group of men and women who considered the women’s progressive viewpoints as un-American.

“The ACLS gets more than a 1,000 applications per year and mine was one of sixty-some that were actually funded. It’s a real honor to have been awarded this,” Stabile said of her achievement.

Fellows of the ACLS are selected by committees of scholars and granted to the “scholars in the humanities and related social sciences at the Doctoral and Postdoctoral levels”.

–Megan Ganim, ’16 Public Relations