OR magazineThe Columbia Scholastic Press Association (CSPA) announced the winners from its 32nd Gold Circle Awards program, and OR Magazine took home nine awards for work published from Nov. 2, 2013 through Oct 10, 2014.

The Gold Circle Awards are presented annually to recognize superior work by student reporters, editors, designers, photographers, artists, poets, fiction writers, and other staff members.

This year, the CSPA attracted 4,646 entries produced by students at colleges, universities and secondary schools around the United States and cited 671 winners for either first, second or third place and honorable mention.

“Our students continue to courageously embrace the future and challenge the boundaries of multimedia storytelling, and it translates into honors like these awards,” says OR Magazine advisor Ed Madison. “It’s a privilege to witness their exceptional creativity and commitment to excellence and to cheer them on.”

OR Magazine was established in 2011 and was the nation’s first student-produced magazine for tablets.


Complete list of SOJC award winners:

Personality Profile
First Place: Dana Bredeweg, Pam Cressall and Sutton Raphael, “Carved with Love”

Video Feature Package
First Place: Dana Bredeweg, Sutton Raphael and Alex Sacco, “Distinctively Crafted Sound – ‘Bending Tradition’”
Second Place: Guru Amar Khalsa, “Taste of Oregon – ‘2 Towns Ciderhouse’”
Certificate of Merit: Dana Bredeweg, Pam Cressall and Sutton Raphael, “Carves with Love — ‘Jacquelyn’s Studio’”

Magazine Online Design
First Place: Lisa Donato, Stephanie Hinson and Scott Proctor

Typography: Overall Look
First Place: Lisa Donato, Stephanie Hinson and Scott Proctor

Computer Generated Art/Illustration
Second Place: Morgan Alfrejd, “Oregon Invaders – Title Pas”

Informational Graphics
Third Place: Lisa Donato and Alan Sylvestre, “Choosing A Legend-Graphic Title: The Pre-Fontaine Classic”

General Feature
Third Place: Guru Amar Khalsa, Alex Sacco and Teija Stearns, “Windows to the Sea”


Story by Katie MacLean ’15