OR magazine Columbia Scholastic Press Awards

OR Magazine, an interactive, student-produced iPad publication, was awarded four Columbia Scholastic Press Awards for the Spring 2013 edition.

Matt Leslie and Tommy Pittenger received first place in Digital Feature Package for “The First Step.” Pittenger was also awarded a certificate of merit in Video Feature Package for Digital Media for “Dancing with Danger.”

“If I could use one word to describe OR Magazine it would be collaborative,” Pittenger said. “While every student had their specialty in the class, it was really the collaborative process that pushed our magazine to become something that I think we’re all proud of.“

Briana Huber and Sasha Riddle were awarded second place in General Feature for Digital Media for “The First Step.” Riddle also won third place in General Feature for Digital Media for “Dancing with Danger.”

“Like all the stories I work on at OR, this story gave me opportunity to go out and experience something I might not have otherwise,” Huber said. “The story we all worked together to produce is something I’m proud of and it’s awesome that we were able to win awards for it.”

Undergraduates created OR Magazine in the SOJC’s spring 2011 mobile media production course, taught by assistant professor Ed Madison. Madison, Deb and Dan Morrison, Mark Blaine, and Tom Wheeler piloted the course in 2010 as iPads were coming to market. The course has emerged as a place for undergraduates to come together as a team and re-envision and redefine the future of digital publishing.

“We’re honored that prestigious organizations like the Scholastic Press Association are acknowledging the innovative digital publishing work our students are doing,” Madison said.

In 2011, Adobe Systems acknowledged OR Magazine as the first university student-produced digital magazine for the iPad digital publication using its Digital Publishing Suite. An evolving partnership with Adobe now makes the SOJC one of three universities whose students have access to the same enterprise software tools used by Conde Nast and Time-Warner publishing. To download the spring 2013 edition, visit www.ormagazine.net.

– Hayley Lane, ’15 Journalism