Bob Witeck SOJC Executive in Residence

EUGENE, Ore – (April 2, 2013) In marketing, knowing your audience is key. So when mainstream media representations and national legislation brought gay and lesbian identity suddenly into the forefront of American culture and a niche consumer market was created, businesses and marketers found themselves without critical information.

Bob Witeck, CEO and Founder of Witeck Communications Inc., was not only well established in the field but pioneered communication and marketing to engage LGBT consumers. Witeck Communication estimated the total buying power of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGTB) in the United States to be $790 billion.

Credited with helping some of the nation’s most prominent corporations reach out to the LGBT community, Witeck educates and consults business leaders to effectively target the LGBT community. He is the co-author of “Business Inside Out: Tapping Millions of Brand-Loyal Gay Consumers,” the first-ever book on marketing insights, practical tips and strategies targeting LGTB market.

The University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication will host Witeck as the Public Relation Executive in Residence. He will spend two days interacting students in public relations classes.

“One of the things we really try to stress in the curriculum is the need to engage of diverse audiences in public relations,” says Dr. Pat Curtin, Professor and Endowed Chair in Public Relations. “We are delighted to have Bob come to our campus because that is the core of what he does.”

Witeck will offer a public presentation titled “America’s LGBT Identity in Media and Markets: Twenty Years Drawing Without a Single Straight Line” at 4:30 p.m. 141 Allen Hall.