facultyThe School of Journalism and Communication (SOJC) is one of the most popular places on campus — at least, according to the Oregon Daily Emerald’s annual “Best of Campus” list.

For the third year in a row, Emerald readers voted journalism the University of Oregon’s (UO) “Best Major.” If that weren’t enough, SOJC faculty swept the “Best Professor” category as well.

“The SOJC has cultivated this really exciting culture of innovation that’s palpable at Allen Hall,” said Todd Milbourn, an SOJC instructor who teaches reporting, multimedia storytelling and entrepreneurship and serves as faculty advisor to Flux magazine. “SOJC students aren’t just getting top-notch media training, they’re inventing the future.”

The No. 1 professor spot went to public relations instructor Kathryn Kuttis, who was named “Best Professor” at UO for the second year in a row.

Before becoming an instructor at the SOJC in 2013, Kuttis was vice president of Edelman Public Relations in New York City. She brings her professional experience to PR courses and teaches media professions, a class that looks at all of the majors offered at the SOJC. Kuttis is also the faculty advisor for a financial communications group called IR Futures and works with the SOJC Diversity Committee.

“Our talented faculty and staff create opportunities for students to be known and valued as individuals in our community,” Kuttis said. “I see the connections students make as storytellers across all of the majors and the creativity that is happening in our hallways. It’s an honor to be a part of that.”

Kuttis was closely followed by journalism instructor Lisa Heyamoto, coordinator of the Gateway to Media program, who took home second place in the “Best Professor” category. And advertising professor Deb Morrison tied with her husband, journalism instructor Dan Morrison, for third.

Congratulations to Kuttis, Heyamoto, the Morrisons and SOJC’s “Super-J” major!

Story by Nikki Kesaris ’18