Gateway I and II students this week were treated to a Google Hangouts chat with the creators of “Mortified” after tweeting about their experience storyboarding a documentary about the show.

The students had watched the “Mortified Nation” documentary in class to explore ways of thinking visually through a narrative.

“I decided to have students create storyboards based on one of the stories from the documentary because it requires one to think of image, sound, context and sequencing,” said Adjunct Instructor Alina Padilla-Miller.

“Mortified” is “a comic excavation of the strange and extraordinary things we created as kids,” according to its website. People share diary entries, old love-letters and other embarrassing childhood artifacts to live audiences internationally. The “Mortified” projects are part of confessional culture and mundania, and add to developing genres in comedic television and film.

On Wednesday, students spent an hour asking questions through a webcam about the show’s production and marketing, and backgrounds of producers Dave Nadelberg and Neil Katcher.

After discussing the development of “Mortified,” “Mortified Sessions” and “Mortified Nation,” Nadelberg and Katcher shared their comedic responses to the students’ storyboards and asked that Padilla-Miller send the drawings to them.

Nadelberg and Katcher said they were flattered that a journalism class in Oregon was so interested in their productions.

“I thought it was really cool that we were able to start a conversation with the producers just through one social media post by a classmate,” says Public Relations student Liz Dickey. “It was so interesting to hear their story about turning a small concept into a career.”

By Chloe Rask ’16, Public Relations