SOJC Hearst Award Winners Flux

Six members of “Flux,” a student-run publication in the SOJC, earned first place in the Hearst Award for Multimedia Team Storytelling.

“Up in Smoke” features a multimedia clip, photographs and a narrative piece that explore the world of the fearless, highly trained firefighters known as “smokejumpers.”

Entries submitted for the award were evaluated on a team’s ability to cover news for an online audience using multimedia techniques with an emphasis on multimedia storytelling, quality journalism and creative use of the medium.

The students involved in the production of the piece brought together a wide range of skills. Writers Ainslie Forsum and Laura Lundberg joined forces to create an interconnecting and powerful narrative. Multimedia producers, Erik Bender, Tommy Pittenger and Austin Taylor, bounced ideas off of each other to created video that engaged the audience in the emotional adventures of smokejumpers. Alex McDougall worked as the team’s photographer, adding additional layers and perspective to the story.

In addition to print, Flux created a digital version of its publication for the iPad. This is the second consecutive year Flux has worked with Digital Publishing Suite to create an application. It will be available soon on iTunes.

Flux will celebrate its 20th anniversary of publication with a launch party of the latest issue on June 5, 2013 at 6 p.m. at the Ford Alumni Center