Chris Stadler and Toby Hopp of Physio Media

The SOJC has once again been chosen to test cutting edge technology.

Chris Stadler, co-founder of Physio Media, as well as an adjunct instructor in advertising, has provided the School with Smart Eye hardware as well as his company’s Signal Fusion dashboard.

Smart Eye is an eye tracker that measures how people engage with information visually (pupilometry, head position, length of gaze). The Signal Fusion dashboard is used, post-hoc, to make sense of this information relative to the stimuli of interest and in relation to other bio-physiological data, such as heart rate, respiration, EEG and galvanic skin response, providing researchers a “multimodal” approach to research.

“In a really broad sense we’re trying to figure out how human physiology reflects experience,” said Stadler.

Doctoral candidate Toby Hopp hopes to make use of the flexible, responsive equipment in his research on anti-violence messaging in violent video games.

“I could have someone play a game and afterwards give them a message and see how they track through that message when compared to someone who didn’t play the game,” he said.

Hopp and Stadler are still determining all of the potential uses for media research.

“It’s the idea that we’re improving efficiency with our message delivery,” Hopp said. “I think it’s just another tool that allows us to appreciate how complex human behavior really is.”

–Hayley Lane, ’15 Journalism