Experience Engagement conference photoCommunity engagement, says Andrew DeVigal, University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication (SOJC) Chair in Journalism Innovation and Civic Engagement, has replaced interactive multimedia as journalism’s new frontier.

Public trust in journalism has hit an all-time low, and the remedy is to engage and empower the public to help communities thrive. To accomplish this, journalists will need to focus less on how audiences interact with content on the screen and more on how they engage with readers — and with each other — as a community.

And yet, much like the pioneering multimedia journalists of the 1990s, those who focus on engagement in newsrooms today are working in isolation, in need of resources and connection. One idea put forth at the Experience Engagement conference, co-hosted in Portland in October by the SOJC Agora Journalism Center and Journalism That Matters, is to create a digital platform where engagement pioneers can link to their innovative engagement projects, pool resources and support each other as a community that practices what it preaches.

Read the full article by DeVigal, “Engagement Is Relational, Not Transactional,” on MediaShift.

Story by Andra Brichacek