2015 Agora Faculty FellowsThe University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication’s (SOJC) Agora Journalism Center recently awarded three faculty fellowships for the 2015-2016 school year to Nicole Dahmen, Deborah Morrison and Kim Sheehan.

This is the second class of faculty fellows supported by the Agora Journalism Center since it opened in 2014 and is focused on innovation and solutions. Results, in the form of strategies, products or services, will be shared with news and news-related organizations.

“We received a number of excellent applications that aligned well with the center’s mission and purpose,” says Andrew DeVigal, Chair in Journalism Innovation and Civic Engagement and professor of practice in the SOJC. “We’re excited about funding these fellowships that will help foster a culture of innovation and strengthen SOJC’s position in innovation in communication and civic engagement.”

The award selection committee noted that the applications covered very important issues that needed to be addressed, including exploring a new form of journalism and a potentially new line of research that will engage the broader civic culture.

The 2015-16 Agora Journalism Center Faculty Fellows are:

Nicole Dahmen, assistant professor
Dahmen’s project, “Restorative Narratives: Building Community in the Wake of Tragedy,” will focus on an emerging genre of journalistic storytelling that seeks to help communities move forward after large-impact events.

Deborah Morrison, Carolyn S. Chambers Distinguished Professor of Advertising and advertising area director
Morrison’s initiative “EPOCH: A New Era for Ideas & Idea People Built with Courage and Conscience,” will create a “digital hub of information and inspiration…and creative momentum for strategic writers and designers dedicated to doing work of meaning on climate change.”

Kim Sheehan, professor and SOJC honors program coordinator
Sheehan’s in-depth study, “The Ethics of Crowdsourcing,” will use the ethics of care and virtue ethics theories to evaluate practices of citizens and consumers supplying information to professional media in journalism, advertising and public relations and to identify solutions to potential ethical problems in crowdsourcing.

The Agora Journalism Center is the gathering place for innovation in communication and civic engagement. As part of the University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication, the center fosters a culture of innovation and diverse collaboration, energizing research, teaching and learning to serve the public good. Funding for the center and its programs are made possible by generous donor support.

Story by Amy Pinkston