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Erin Hanna

Erin Hanna

Assistant Professor

121 Franklin Building

CV buttonErin Hanna comes to the University of Oregon from Toronto via Ann Arbor, Michigan, and has trained and taught at universities in Canada and the U.S. Her research focuses on cultural and economic power imbalances in the relationship between media industries and audiences. She is currently working on a book about the San Diego Comic-Con and its proliferation outside of the convention space and into more mainstream industry and audience practices. Hanna’s other research and teaching interests include film and television studies, digital media, gender and the media, and fan cultures.


  • PhD, Screen Arts and Cultures, University of Michigan
  • MA, Cinema and Media Studies from York University, Toronto
  • BA, Cinema and Media Studies from York University, Toronto

Areas of Expertise

  • Media industries/political economy
  • Fan cultures
  • Comic-Con/media events and conventions
  • Cult media
  • Popular culture
  • Cultural studies
  • Television studies
  • Film theory and history
  • Digital media


Hanna’s research focuses on cultural and economic power imbalances in the relationship between media industries and audiences. Her research engages with critical questions of economic and cultural power as audience practices are incorporated into the industrial logic of media production, promotion, and publicity. In her most recent work, she explores how these issues have impacted and shaped both historical and contemporary iterations of the San Diego Comic-Con.

Recent Citations, Publications, and Professional Work

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  • Understanding Media
  • U.S. Film Industry
  • Cult Media
  • Gender, Media, and Diversity
  • How to Watch TV