Eli Stillman

Eli Stillman

University: Southern Oregon University
Graduation Year: 2016
Hometown: Paradise, California
Intern organization: The Daily Astorian
Position: Reporting intern

Eli served as editor-in-chief of SOU’s school paper, The Siskiyou, and earned a degree in communications focused on film, television, and convergent media. His work has been featured in local media outlets including The Rogue Valley Messenger and the Ashland Daily Tidings. For as long as he has been a Red Raider, Eli was a student athlete, running cross country and track, and was involved with the campus paper. He is a proud Northern Californian and will not hesitate to correct someone when categorized among others parts of the state. When not out working on a story, Eli can be found running on the trails or in his room crying about the Sacramento Kings.


2016 Snowden Intern

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