Janae Sargent

Janae Sargent

University: Pacific University
Graduation Year: 2016
Hometown: Redding, California
Intern Organization: Capital Press (Salem)
Position: Reporting intern

Janae double-majored in journalism and studio art. She worked as co-editor-in-chief, news editor, design editor, student life editor, and sports editor for the student-run newspaper The Pacific Index. She also writes as a freelance reporter for the Forest Grove News Times and interned for the Pacific University marketing and communications department as a writer for Pacific Magazine. She wrote an exposé series on human trafficking in Washington and Multnomah counties and loves to write about social issues, policy, and human rights. In her spare time, Janae loves to make art, hike, advocate for social and political issues, and be around as many dogs as she can.


2016 Snowden Intern

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