Rachel Rippetoe


University: University of Portland
Graduation Year: 2018
Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee
Intern Organization: Eugene Register-Guard
Position: News and business reporting intern

Rachel Rippetoe is a news junkie with a deep love for sweet-potato fries and coffee. At the University of Portland, she is majoring in political science and communication studies. She is editor-in-chief of UP’s news publication, the Beacon, which went all digital last year. In Nashville, she interned for the national rural news station RFD-TV, and before that, she was a volunteer writer for Portland Radio Project. She loves watching political drama TV shows almost as much as she loves reading about real political drama on Politico or in the Washington Post. When she’s not writing or reporting, you might catch her sipping coffee at one of Eugene’s many trendy coffee shops or hiking up Spencer Butte trail.


2017 Snowden Intern

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