Junnelle Hogen

Junnelle Hogen

University: University of Oregon
Graduation year: 2017
Hometown: Bend, Oregon
Intern organization: Statesman Journal (Salem)
Position: Reporting intern

Junnelle is majoring in sociology and minoring in media studies and English at the UO. Her first love was radio, and when she was 15 she interned for the largest news radio station in Central Oregon, KBND, which led to a two-year reporting position focusing on policy, community issues, and politics. Since then, she has interned for Cascade Journal and worked as assistant editor for The Broadside and senior editor for FishDuck.com. In the summer of 2015, she contributed to the UK-based international podcasting outlet Podium.me while living in London, England. Starting in September 2015, Junnelle held a six-month full-time internship at The Register-Guard, where she covered the after-effects of the Umpqua Community College shooting and the rollout of the recreational pot industry in Oregon. Her work was published multiple times by Oregon Public Broadcasting and the Washington Times, among other news outlets. Junnelle is a student research fellow with the UNESCO Crossings Institute and an associate editor for the UO’s student-run magazine Ethos. In the fall, she will assist Professor Lori Shontz with an Agora Research Center fellowship developing strategies for media response to tragedies. In her spare time, Junnelle enjoys collecting musty classics, traveling throughout Oregon, and developing a rich French roast.


2016 Snowden Intern

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