Angelina Hess


University: University of Oregon
Graduation Year: 2017
Hometown: Ashland, Oregon
Intern Organization: 1859 Magazine/Statehood Media
Position: Multimedia intern

Angelina Hess recently graduated from the University of Oregon with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a film certificate. Over her four years as an undergraduate, Angelina collaborated with OR Magazine, Ethos Magazine, Envision Magazine, and NW Stories, and she worked for the UO Mills International Center, Live at the Armory, and the Cinema Pacific Film Festival. During her post-grad summer, she is dividing her time between the Statehood Media Office in downtown Bend, Oregon, and road tripping to many picturesque locations throughout the Pacific Northwest as a multimedia video intern for 1859 Magazine. Previously, her love of travel has taken her to the playas of Costa Rica, the dunes of Namibia, the layered streets of South Africa, and to Sri Lanka, where she worked with fellow SOJC students to produce the interactive website Steeped in Sri Lanka. Angelina wants to advocate for social justice, environmental accountability, civil rights, and international relations through multimedia storytelling. She is a book and film fiend as well as a part-time face painter and friend to all butterflies, and she can brew a mean cup of tea, Taiwanese style.


2017 Snowden Intern

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