Featured Student Work: "Numb In America"

The Team

Jose Contreras (advertising), Art Director
Sutton Raphael (journalism), Director and Videographer
Tevin Tavares (advertising), Actor and Strategist
Greg Bruce (advertising), Copywriter and Strategist

Sutton Raphael, Tevin Tavares, and José Contreras are no strangers to the national spotlight. In 2015, the three SOJC seniors created a short film that highlighted the negative effects of popularizing shoes. In “The Shoes” production, the main character was killed for his pair of Jordan sneakers. The video garnered more than 300,000 views and was featured on many prominent news websites, such as World Star Hip Hop.

The subject of their most recent project is even more serious.

After the shooting at Umpqua Community College on Oct. 1, Raphael, Tavares, and Contreras teamed up with Greg Bruce to tackle the issue of gun violence in the United States. After reaching out to local law enforcement and faculty for support, the group organized a video shoot that was sure to hit home with most of their peers — they devised a mock shooting in one of the largest lecture halls at the University of Oregon.

Raphael, Tavares, Contreras, and Bruce gathered nearly 30 students to be actors in the school shooting scenario and enlisted the help of Professor Deborah Morrison to be the teacher and, ultimately, the victim, in the classroom scene.

After the staged shooting was completed, Raphael started the editing process and unveiled the “Numb in America” video early the following week. Almost immediately, the film garnered high praise from faculty, students and members of the UCC campus. And within just a few days, it went viral after several large anti-gun-violence organizations shared it.

Story and video by Jacob Mehringer ’16


Student Work

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