Featured Alum: Danielle Holley

Holley_DanielleStart early – grow your network

Danielle Holley graduated from the School of Journalism and Communication (SOJC) in June 2015 with a degree in advertising. She currently works as a strategist at Manifesto in Portland, OR.

During her freshman year, Danielle quickly realized that she would need a variety of experiences in order to find a job after graduation. While in the SOJC, she held a job in Allen Hall, completed two internships and was a member of Ad Team for two years. Participating with Ad Team, both as an intern and in a leadership position, helped build her skills and her confidence. This experience was “deeply influential in opening doors and expanding [her] network.”

“Everyday I continue to learn new things about myself, my role and the advertising industry.”

Danielle also credits several faculty for guiding her through her growth process. Occasionally, she would drop in to a faculty member’s office with questions, and when she left, she would feel “inspired, motivated and ready to conquer the ad world.”

Danielle’s first job was in Allen Hall as a student employee. In this position, she gained some good experience, but she didn’t stop there; she knew she needed some outside experience in order to be a well-rounded graduate. Danielle proceeded to look for and find a small design internship she could complete while still going to school full-time. The following year, she began cultivating her network of connections in person and through LinkedIn. Building and fostering relationships with visiting professionals helped her earn a summer internship with Goodby, Silverstein & Partners in San Francisco. “My second internship was truly a dream come true,” Danielle says. She believes this experience significantly prepared her for her current position and future opportunities.

In her current position as a strategist, Danielle’s job consists of understanding people. Daily communication with her supervisor, collaborating with co-workers, researching for clients and preparing presentations about cultural shifts in the beer industry are all part of her regular duties. “I am constantly trying to capture insights about people and culture,” she says. “Everyday I continue to learn new things about myself, my role and the advertising industry.”

Danielle has some advice for upcoming SOJC graduates. She encourages students to remember that SOJC alumni are ready and willing to lend a helping hand. Current students shouldn’t be nervous to reach out, but they should also remember to be respectful. She says it’s important to “stay true to yourself, stay humble and always stay eager to learn.”




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