Katrina Delamarter

Katrina Delamarter

University: Corban University
Graduation year: 2016
Hometown: Vancouver, Washington
Intern organization: The News-Register (McMinnville)
Position: Reporting intern 

Katrina was editor-in-chief of The Hilltop at Corban University for two years and managing editor for one year, during which time she oversaw the creation of some of the paper’s strongest award-winning content and design. She has won individual awards from Newspaper Publishers Press Association and the Evangelical Press Association. Katrina has also produced work for the nonprofits Together We Rise, Oregon Right to Life, and Special Olympics. Katrina wants to live in a world filled with pens that never run out of ink and books that come bundled with extra dark chocolate. She is allergic to reality television, Valentine’s Day, coffee, creepy castles, and especially when people say journalism is dead.


2016 Snowden Intern

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