Desiree Bergstrom

Desiree Bergstrom_Snowden18

University: University of Oregon
Graduation Year: 2019
Major: Journalism
Hometown: Culver, Oregon
Intern Organization: Capital Press
Position: Reporting Intern

Desiree Bergstrom is in her junior year at the University of Oregon studying journalism. In the past she wrote for The Daily Emerald, the UO campus paper, and had a piece about the 2017 Solar Eclipse published in Sageland Magazine. She is currently a writer for Flux Magazine. Desiree is a self-proclaimed “farm kid” who usually spends her summers moving irrigation pipe and driving tractor on her family’s 180 acres. She loves reading books about US history and watching history documentaries. She is also a avid binge-watcher of early 2000’s shows like The West Wing and JAG, and listens to lots of country music.


2018 Snowden Intern