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Our Advertising mission: produce graduates who are idea generators, who bring new and innovative solutions to the world's problems, and who realize every good idea must have a smart strategy to give it relevance. Our Creative Strategist model makes the most of T-shaped thinking. We give students a broad array of skills and tools, immersing them in the culture of the profession. Then we inspire them to find the specialty that works best for those skills and career goals. Along the way, everyone -- creatives and strategists alike -- produces a portfolio of best work as evidence of how they think and approach problems.

We're producing writers and art directors, strategists and planners, media specialists, account and brand managers. Our graduates are finding first jobs in New York, Seattle, Chicago, Los Angeles, London, San Francisco, Portland, at places that recognize our graduates are prepared in a multitude of ways. They not only demonstrate innovative advertising and brand thinking, SOJC Advertising graduates bring knowledge of sustainability and green marketing, digital culture, and a sense of social responsibility to the work they do.

Our pyramid shows how we think about our mission. Above all, we are a faculty and student cohort always ready to do good work and make the most of opportunities.