Carol Ann Bassett’s most recent video on conservation is “Voices of the Galapagos” and focuses on the people who live on these fragile islands and what they’re doing to preserve them. Carol served as Associate Producer, Writer & Field Interviewer. See the video at:

Tiffany Derville Gallicano, Kevin Brett and Toby Hopp received the Jackson- Sharpe award at the International Public Relations Research Conference for their study, “Is Ghost Blogging Like Speech- writing? A Survey of Practitioners About the Ethics of Ghost Blogging.” The $2,000 award is sponsored by Jackson Jackson & Wagner and Likely Communi-cation Strategies. The award is for the best partnership between a scholar and a public relations practitioner; the study must benefit the day-to-day practice of public relations.

Peter Laufer was recently a presenter at the Tucson Festival of Books. His books ¡Calexico! and Wetback Nation were featured on two panels “A Line in the Sand: Mexico’s Drug Wars Collide with True Lives in the Borderlands” and “”Struggles along the Border,” which was broadcast on CSPAN “Book TV.” With Klaus Goldhammer and Sebastian Lehr (independent media consultants based in Berlin), Peter coauthored the chapter “Achtung! Achtung! Hier ist die Sendestelle Berlin”: German Radio between Regulation and Competition,” which was published this month in the Palgrave Handbook of International Radio.

Micky Lee (Ph.D., 2004) will publish an essay entitled “Mediating Women Workers in Fair Trade and Sweatfree Production” in Feminist Media Studies.

Scott Maier co-authored with the European Journalism Observatory, “News Accuracy in Switzerland and Italy: A Transatlantic Comparison with the US press,” a study published in the latest issue of Journalism Practice. The European Journalism Observatory replicated Maier’s earlier U.S. research on media accuracy, which was cited last month in The New York Times as a “landmark study” of errors in the press.

Jane Marcellus’ (Ph.D., 2004) manuscript, “’Dear D’: Sophie Treadwell’s 1915 Reporting from the ‘Big War Theater'” has been accepted by American Journalism. The paper examines the war correspondence of Sophie Treadwell, a feminist playwright who also worked as a journalist. Jane looked at her published and unpublished correspondence for the San Francisco Bulletin and Harper’s Weekly in light of research on gender and journalism, particularly arguments about the conflation of journalism and masculinity, the spatial aspects of war reporting, and the trope of the female war reporter’s quest to get to the front as a privileged site of male activity. An earlier version of this paper won the Maurine Beasley Award for Outstanding Women’s History Paper and the David Sloan Award for Outstanding Faculty Paper from AJHA in 2009.

Kathleen Ryan (Ph.D., 2009) was invited to present the first act of the film Homefront Heroines: The WAVES of World War II at the Joint Women’s Leadership Symposium in Washington, DC. A rough edit of the film has been completed. Also, Kathleen will be on two panels at BEA in Las Vegas in April. She will present information about the Homefront Heroines multimedia project and how to tell “unheard” stories, as well as presenting a co-authored paper, “Reconsidering the ‘Newscast of Record,’” written with Kyle Kontour, University of Colorado Boulder, and Joy Chavez Mapaye (Ph.D., 2010), University of Alaska.

Bish Sen presented a paper entitled “Reality Television and the Question of Global Form” at the What is Television? conference held in Portland, March 1-3.

Andi Stein (Ph.D., 2000) spoke on a “Meet the Authors” panel at the Joint Journalism and Communication History Conference on March 10 in New York City. She talked about her recent book, Why We Love Disney: The Power of the Disney Brand.

Mickey Stellavato is preparing to lead a digital storytelling workshop with youth in the Phoenix Program treatment program. This workshop will take place over Spring break and is in collaboration with the Trauma Healing Project. She will also be attending the annual Western States Folklore Society conference April 20-21 in Sacramento, CA. She will be part of the panel “Experiential Story Worlds,” which will explore the intersection of affect, embodiment, ritual, and narrative, thinking through the ideological and cultural work of “story worlds” like movies, television shows, virtual worlds, and online communities.

Jessalynn Strauss (Ph.D., 2010) will present the ethical component of her dissertation research, “A Tree Falls in the Forest: Considering the Ethical Implications of Communicating CSR,” at the International Conference on Social E-xperiences 2012 in July in Barcelona, Spain. She will then travel to Bournemouth, England to present her research on the history of public relations in the Las Vegas casino industry at the 2012 International Public Relations History Conference. Jessalynn is currently in Las Vegas completing this research during a fellowship at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas Special Collections Library.

An article by Leslie Steeves, “Rejecting Erasure Tropes of Africa: The Amazing Race Episodes in Ghana Counter Postcolonial Critiques,” has been accepted by the ICA journal, Communication, Culture & Critique: The article is co-authored with Matthew Muspratt, a free- lance journalist in Ghana. A book chapter by Leslie and Janet Kwami (Ph.D., 2010) is in press: “ICT4D, Gender Divides and Development: The Case of Ghana,” in Srinivas Melkote, ed., Development Communication in Directed Social Change: A Reappraisal of Theory and Practice.

In February, Brenna Wolf-Monteiro presented her paper, “Voices from the Grassroots of Media Justice: Exploring Tensions of Bureaucratic-rational and Collective Associational Practices” at the Western States Communication Association conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Professional News

Mara Hobler has successfully defended her dissertation, “Situating Organizational Participation, Discourse, and Development at Two Key Global Maternal Health Conferences: A Critical-Cultural Analysis,” at the University of Maryland, Dept. of Communication. Mara received an MA in Communication and Society at the U of O in 2007.

Katie Stansberry has accepted a position as assistant professor in the School of Communication at the University of Akron in northeast Ohio. She will begin in the fall.

David Weiss (MA, 2002) will be joining the faculty of the Communication & Journalism Department at the University of New Mexico this coming fall. (This is same school/department where he earned his Ph.D.) He will be teaching undergraduate courses in strategic communication and graduate courses in mass communication.