Mary Erickson (Ph.D., 2011) will present “Filmmaking in Iraq: A Rebirth?” at the Modern Language Association conference in Seattle in January, and a co-authored paper (with Debbie Macey), “Anatomy of a Twitter Spat: Reel Grrls and Comcast/NBC,” has been accepted for the Society for Cinema & Media Studies conference in Boston (March 2012).

Ed Madison is among 12 fellows selected to participate in the Scripps Howard Journalism Entrepreneurship Institute at the Cronkite School, taking place January 4-8, 2012 at Arizona State University in Phoenix. It will be led by Dan Gillmor, author of Mediactive and an internationally known speaker and thinker on new media and entrepreneurship. This inaugural fellowship program is designed for instructors who are committed to introducing entrepreneurial concepts and practices into their teaching of journalism. Additionally, Ed’s research paper entitled, “Mr. President, I’m a 5th Grader,” has been accepted for presentation at the American Educational Research Association (AERA) annual conference, held this April in Vancouver, BC. The paper is about 5th grade broadcast journalists who covered one of President Obama’s political rallies during Oregon’ most recent gubernatorial election cycle. AERA is the most prominent professional research organization in the field of education.

Scott Maier’s 2009 paper, “Confessing Errors in a Digital Age,” is extensively quoted by the Canadian Association of Journalists in: “Best practices in digital accuracy and corrections”

Jane Marcellus’ (Ph.D., 2004) paper, “‘It’s Up to the Women’: Edward Bernays, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Feminist Resistance to Shopping for Patriotism” was published in Feminist Media Studies online iFirst edition (the hard-copy version comes out in 2012). She was also invited to do present an Honors College lecture at Middle Tennessee State in March titled, “Sue Shelton White and the Prison Special.” White was a Tennessee attorney and suffragist, who was a member of Alice Paul’s National Woman’s Party. In 1919, she and other suffragists made replicas of their demeaning prison garb and went on a cross-country train tour to speak about their prison experiences. Jane’s talk is part of an Honors College lecture series on prison writing.

In November, Dan Miller filmed an interview with Patricio Guzman during his retrospective in Houston. Dan then attended IDFA in Amsterdam, where he viewed a number (24 or 25) of interesting new international documentaries, filmed interviews with Ally Derks, Director of IDFA, and Peter Wintonick, as well as the Israeli-Palestinian team of filmmakers, who have made an extraordinary new doc, “5 Broken Cameras,” on Bi’lin, a village next to a settlement. Dan also gathered new information on developments in doc networking and on new possibilities in doc financing.

A paper entitled, “Advertising Affinities: An Analysis of Reader Engagement Of Advertisements in Print and Online News,” by Arthur Santana, Randall Livingstone, and Yoon Cho, has been accepted for presentation at the 2012 American Academy of Advertising Conference.

Jennifer Schwartz’s paper, “Framing Power: Comparing U.S. Newspaper Visuals of Latino and Non- Latino,” has been published in The Howard Journal of Communications, October-December issue.

Bish Sen’s book chapter, “Idol Worship: Ethnicity and Difference in Global Television,” was published in Global Television Formats (eds. Tasha Oren and Sharon Sharaf, Routledge, 2011).

Kim Sheehan participated on a greenwashing panel at the City Club of Portland on December 7th.

Carol Stabile, Karen Estlund, and Bryce Peake participated in HASTAC 2011 (, where they talked about the Fembot project ( HASTAC (“haystack”), as its

website puts it, is a network of individuals and institutions inspired by the possibilities that new technologies offer us for shaping how we learn, teach, communicate, create, and organize our local and global communities.

Janet Wasko has an essay entitled, “Jörg Becker’s Radical Red Socks,” in a recently published Festshrift volume dedicated to Prof. Becker entitled, Widerworte: Philosohie, Politik, Kommunikation (F. Deppe, W. Meixner, and G. Pallaver, eds.). In November, she presented a lecture for the Distinguished Lecture Series XIII on Communication and Cultural Studies at Hong Kong Baptist University, where she also conducted a workshop for master’s students on studying global film. From Dec. 12-15, Janet will be at

Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic, for a seminar titled, “The Political Economy of Film and the Case of Disney.” She will also give a lecture at the University of Lugano, Switzerland, on Dec. 22.

Kyu Ho Youm’s Korean law chapter has been published in Media, Advertising, and Entertainment Law Throughout the World. (Andrew Ulmer, ed., 2012). Kyu’s book review of The Law of Defamation and the Internet, by Matthew Collins (3d ed., 2010) is scheduled for publication in Communications Lawyer of the American Bar Association. Another review of Digital Media Law (2010) by Ashley Packard appears in Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly (Autumn 2011). Kyu has accepted an invitation from the editor of Media & Arts Law Review at the University of Melbourne to contribute a 2012 media law update.